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Hands-On Agronomy

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Neal Kinsey & Charles Walters
In this comprehensive manual on soil management, Neal Kinsey explains in thorough detail the workings of micronutrients, organic matter, and soil structure in improving crop production.

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The soil is more than just a substrate that anchors crops in place. An ecologically balanced soil system is essential for maintaining healthy crops. Hands-On Agronomy is a comprehensive manual on effective soil fertility management providing many on-farm examples to illustrate the various principles and how to use them. The function of micronutrients, earthworms, soil drainage, tilth, soil structure, and organic matter is explained in thorough detail. Kinsey demonstrates that working with the soil produces healthier crops with a higher yield. To that end, he provides an understanding of eco-agriculture as a viable enterprise that is both naturally and commercially sustainable. This work offers advice that is both highly valuable and applicable to the farmer of any level and promotes an ecological understanding of the farm from the ground up.  Copyright 2013,1993, softcover, 391 pages.


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