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Hands-On Agronomy DVD

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Neal Kinsey
Hands-On Agronomy DVD
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Hands-On Agronomy DVD
Hands-On Agronomy DVD PAL
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This fascinating video details Neal Kinsey’s most important lessons. He teaches a sophisticated, easy-to-live-with system of fertility management that focuses on balance, not merely quantity of fertility elements. It works in a variety of soils and crops, both conventional and organic. In sharp contrast to the current methods only using N-P-K and pH and viewing soil only as a physical support media for plants, the basis of all his teachings are to feed the soil, and let the soil feed the plant. The Albrecht system of soils is covered, along with how to properly take soil samples and points to consider for interpreting the results. Obviously in this short video we cannot teach all the details found in a book like Hands on Agronomy or a multi-day seminar. However, we can teach you the major principles, and if you learn those, you will be a long way down the road to understanding what is required for improving the productivity of your soil. Copyright 2006, 80 minutes. (NTSC DVD format for U.S. and Western Hemisphere, DVD PAL format for most Europe, Australia, etc)