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Healthy Soil Summit Early Bird Pricing Ends This Week!

Be sure to get the best savings on your 2022 Healthy Soil Summit ticket by signing up by this Wednesday, June 8th! Wednesday is the Early Bird deadline for this year’s event, so don’t miss it!

We’re thrilled to be holding the 2022 Healthy Soil Summit in person this Aug. 2-3 in Sacramento, California. This two-day educational event will feature workshops led by farmers and industry experts, a small trade show and the option to add a half-day tour of nearby farms!

Learn more about the Healthy Soil Summit here. Register for the event here.

Expert Speakers

HSS 2022 speaker grid
Left to right: Kris Nichols, Dr. Judith Fitzpatrick, David Knaus and Dr. James White.

Connect with farmers and experts at the 2022 Healthy Soil Summit. Here’s a glimpse at our Day 1 speaker lineup:

  • Soil Microbiology by Dr. Judith Fitzpatrick
  • Soil & Plant Nutrient Testing by David Knaus
  • Keynote: Regenerative Organic Stewardship with No Tillage by Rick Clark

See the full schedule (including Day 2) and speaker list here.

Who Should Attend

This event functions as an essential learning and networking experience for farmers and ranchers, from conventional to organic. Attendees just starting their soil health program or advanced in their programs will leave with a better understanding of the key principles and techniques being used by top world’s soil health managers.

Our workshops and farm tours, led by real-world farmers and ranchers, will help increase your operation’s resilience to weather and climate, while decreasing the need for fertilizers and inputs, and creating a more desirable product to sell to today’s consumer. 

hss 2019 tour image
Attendees of the 2019 Healthy Soil Summit on the half-day tour with Gary Zimmer and Glen Rabenberg.

Keep Informed

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