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Highlights from the 2022 Eco-Ag Conference & Trade Show

It’s been a whirlwind week here in Covington, Kentucky! From Monday, Dec. 5 through Thursday, Dec. 8, Acres U.S.A. has been spending time with some of the best farming and regenerative ag folks around. Attendees of the 2022 Eco-Ag Conference & Trade Show learned from top experts in the field of sustainable, regenerative agriculture. We’re still processing this incredible, mind-filling week, so keep an eye on this space and our social media channels, as we continue to post our best photos and take-aways from yet another Acres U.S.A. Eco-Ag Conference & Trade Show!

Easily jump to photos by clicking on the links: Eco-Ag U Workshops | Trade Show and Presentations | Conference Sessions | (coming soon: Keynote Presentations, Reception, Book Signings, and more!)

Eco-Ag U Workshops

Each year, conference kicks off with our all-day intensive Eco-Ag U workshops, pairing attendees with one or two instructors for a full day of in-depth education. This year our Eco-Ag U instructors included:

  • John Kempf
  • Rick Clark
  • Dr. Nasha Winters
  • Dr. Don Huber
  • Mark Shepard
  • Dr. Kris Nichols
Woman handing a bag to another woman at the Eco-Ag Conference
The first attendees of the 2022 Eco-Ag Conference & Trade Show arrived on Dec. 5th for all-day Eco-Ag U workshops.
Dr. Don Huber stands at a podium during an Eco-Ag U workshop
Dr. Don Huber presents his 2022 Eco-Ag U workshop on Plant Disease and Mineral Nutrition with the Cincinnati skyline in the background.
Students sit in rows for Eco-Ag U workshop
Attendees gathered Monday and Tuesday, Dec. 5-6, for all-day Eco-Ag U workshops.
Rick Clark teaches in front of a classroom
No-till Indiana farmer Rick Clark led one of the Eco-Ag U workshops alongside John Kempf, focused on The Foundations and Practice of Biological Systems.
Students raise their hands in the class of Nasha Winters
Dr. Nasha Winters led an Eco-Ag U workshop on the Life Cycle of Health from Humus to Human.
Mark Shepard gestures at the front of the classroom
Mark Shepard’s Eco-Ag U workshop this year focused on the topic of Integrating Annual Crops into Perennial Systems.
Students assemble a project in an Eco-Ag U workshop
Dr. Kris Nichols had an activity requiring some assembly in her Eco-Ag U workshop on Assessing Soil Health for Profitable Regenerative Systems.

Trade Show and Presentations

Just as every year, the Trade Show certainly had something for everyone. Rows and rows of eco-ag innovators interacted with conference attendees, eager to network and discuss the latest tools, techniques and methods. We also continued in the second year of presentations on the Trade Show floor, increasing educational opportunities to all attendees.

People talking at the 2022 Trade Show
Attendees stopped at various booths to discuss all things eco-agriculture at the 2022 Trade Show.
2022 Trade Show - people talking with representative at microbiometer booth
The representative at microBIOMETER provided demonstrations of their equipment at the booth.
Steve Becker, Dennis Warnecke and Meri Mullins
Eco-Ag speakers Dennis Warnecke, Steve Becker and Meri Mullins posed for a photograph at the Tainio Biologicals booth on the Trade Show floor.
Paul Meyer talking with attendee at booth
Acres U.S.A. editor Paul Meyer, right, talks with an Eco-Ag attendee at the Acres U.S.A. trade show booth.
woman showing a man a brochure at a trade show booth
There was a wealth of information to be found on the Trade Show floor!
man talking to woman at trade show booth
Conversation was easy to find at the Trade Show!
trade show presentation
Trade show presentation by American Biochar Company.
trade show presentation
Trade show presentation by Hiwassee Products.
trade show presentation
Trade Show presentation by Sea-90.
trade show presentation
Trade Show presentation by Ward Labs.
trade show presentation
Trade Show presentation by Holganix.

Conference Sessions

Once again, our agenda was filled with top-notch speakers – experts on all facets of regenerative agriculture, from healthy soil to farm economics, from fungi to livestock management, and more!

Mark Shepard presenting 2022 Eco-Ag Conference
Mark Shepard broke down key principles of water management.
Dennis Warnecke and Steve Becker present at 2022 Eco-Ag Conference
Dennis Warnecke and Steve Becker of Tainio Bio shared the stage to dive into soil biology.
Marty Travis presents at 2022 Eco-Ag Conference
Illinois farmer and author of My Farmer, My Customer, Marty Travis gave advice to farmers looking to connect to chefs, restaurants and other farm-to-table opportunities.
Meri Mullins presenting at 2022 Eco-Ag Conference
Meri Lillia Mullins interacted with her audience – having them stand, and walking among them to ask and answer questions.
John Fagan presents at 2022 Eco-Ag Conference
John Fagan – speaking for the first time at Eco-Ag Conference – filled the room for his session on crop production methods and nutrient composition.
Rick Clark presents at 2022 Eco-Ag Conference
No-till organic Indiana farmer Rick Clark dove into the details of his systems-based approach to agriculture the day after co-leading an intensive Eco-Ag U workshop with John Kempf.

More Photos to Come!

We have lots more amazing highlights from this incredible week, and we’ll be updating them here! You can also check out our social media channels – @AcresUSA on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn – for more great conference content. And be sure to read about Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquín, this year’s recipient of the Eco-Ag Achievement Award!