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In Focus: Cover Crops

This month, we’re focusing on the topic of Cover Crops. Learn more about the intricacies and benefits of cover cropping with these resources – from free podcasts to educational book titles and more!

Best Books on Cover Crops

  • Book of the Month: Crop Rotation & Cover Cropping by Seth Kroeck – Addressed are many of the possible variables in forming the rotation as well as where to find room for compromise between the “perfect horticulture” model and day-to-day logistics. 
  • Growing Life: Regenerating Farming and Ranching by André Leu – This book explores the fundamentals of regenerative agriculture, including specific, proven steps designed to grow healthy food, while protecting our natural resources like clean water, soil and air.
  • Dirt to Soil by Gabe Brown – When North Dakota farmer and rancher Gabe Brown switched to no-till planting, started planting diverse cover crops mixes, and changed his grazing practices, he transformed a degraded farm ecosystem into one full of life―starting with the soil and working his way up, one plant and one animal at a time.
  • Roller/Crimper No-Till: Advancing No-Till Agriculture by Jeff Moyer – Combining the best aspects of no-till with recent innovations in equipment design and in-field research, the system laid out in this book “provides great potential for agricultural change,” Moyer writes, “through the use of cover crops and reduction of synthetic herbicides, while giving organic farmers what they need in terms of weed management and soil building practices.”
  • Advancing Biological Farming by Gary Zimmer – This book offers invaluable scientific support for committed organic farmers as well as conventional farmers who’d like to reduce chemical inputs and use natural processes to their advantage.

Learn in Person

“A cover crop, as any other good practice, must be a part of a total system and not just an unrelated single-shot input,” writes Schriefer in Eco-Farm. The 2023 Eco-Ag Conference & Trade Show this Dec. 5-8 in Covington, KY, will bring together hundreds of farmers, ranchers and industry professionals to learn from the experts.

Every year, we set a new standard for innovative and practical learning in modern agriculture. Learn from top-notch speakers about tactics that build soil biology, balance chemistry, improve structure and integrate biodiversity like livestock, companion crops and cover crops. 

You can learn from:

  • John Kempf
  • Dr. Don Huber
  • Rick Clark
  • Jesse Frost
  • And more!

Take the next step in your soil health education and join us for the 2023 Eco-Ag Conference this year! See speakers, the full agenda and more at

Best Free Articles on Cover Cropping

Our free website,, is a great resource for in-depth articles on all kinds of topics related to organic, eco-agriculture. Some of our popular articles specifically about cover cropping include:

Find more great articles in the Grow Crops section of

Learn Online

If you aren’t able to travel for soil health education this year – we’ve got you covered! Our Eco-Ag U Online courses are virtual classrooms where you can download important lessons from experts and learn at your own pace.

The 2021 Eco-Ag Conference Replay is a great place to get a vast variety of knowledge, including cover cropping, from a large number of experts at once. Check it out here or browse our whole virtual catalogue at

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