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Jim Nardi: Life In (and On) the Soil

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Jim Nardi, Ph.D.
Jim Nardi will discuss the intricately interconnected world under the soil’s surface, introducing farmers to the miraculous relationships among the diverse life forms and how eco-farming practices can be used to promote the web of life for the benefit of soil health, crop resilience and productivity.
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Biologist Jim Nardi will introduce you a dazzling array of creatures whose unseen labors maintain the rich fertility of the earth. By better understanding the roles and interconnectedness of the diversity of life forms farmers see the benefits of consciously seeking to maintain and promote diverse farm life. From slime molds and roundworms to woodlice and dung beetles Dr. Nardi will bring a huge world of life to its proper role on the stage of progressive agriculture. He will explain the intricate relationships between plant roots and microscopic fungi and shed light on the complexities of decomposing plant matter in the field.

Jim Nardi is a biologist at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the Illinois Natural History Survey. He is author of The World Beneath Our Feet: A Guide to Life in the Soil and Life in the Soil: A Guide for Naturalists and Gardeners as well as an acclaimed natural history illustrator whose drawings have appeared in many books. Nardi earned his B.S. at Purdue and his Ph.D. at Harvard and is a renowned research entomologist, focusing on the development and physiology of insects. He has also published scores of articles on entomology in professional journals. Nardi is an expert on the interconnectedness of various species, including humans, and their effect on the soil, and he has a vast knowledge of compost and composting.

Recorded Saturday, December 14, 2013