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John Wong

John attended Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland State University, with degrees in Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Biology, and received an MBA.

John is the founder and CEO of TLC Products, in Cleveland, OH.  TLC Products, Inc was visited by Karen Mills, member of President Obama’s cabinet, and presented with the US Small Business Administration 2013 District “Exporter of the Year” award. During Mills’ visit, she praised TLC Inc. for job growth and export success by a small USA business.

TLC Products was recognized by Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Management as one of the regions 100 fastest growing companies, on a 5-year moving average basis.

TLC Products, Inc:

Manufacturer and marketer of live bacterial products for use in commercial agriculture and water purification,

Primary Inventor of these US Patents:

  • United States Patent US 2022/0071200 A1, “Methods of Pest Control”, Granted in USA and over 25 other countries, non-toxic biopesticide for commercial agriculture, fungicidal and nematicidal efficacy.

•              United States Patent 4,673,505.  Wong, et al.  June 16, 1987.  Wastewater treatment bacterial additive

•              United States Patent 5,284,587.  Wong, et al. February 8, 1994.  Bacteria-containing polymer gel for waste water treatment

•              United States Patent 4,882,059.  Wong, et al. November 21, 1989.  Solubilization of organic materials in wastewater treatment