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Join Us at Advancing Hemp Today!

Today’s the day for the 2nd annual Advancing Hemp event! It’s being held virtually which means you can join from anywhere – even if it’s already started.

All you need to do is register here for the event, and you’ll be sent a link to join. Registering today is still your best deal if you’re interested in this high-level hemp content. All registrants will receive free access to the replay!

The event starts at 9 a.m. Mountain Time and runs until 3:30 p.m. Following the event, stick around for the Hemp Consulting Hour to connect with even more experts and your fellow growers.

Win a Ticket to the 2021 Eco-Ag Conference

Register for one of our Advancing Hemp Consulting Rooms and you will be entered to win a FREE 2021 Eco-Ag Conference & Trade Show ticket! Don’t miss your chance to win this $200 prize package and a front row seat at the most comprehensive, innovative and practical event in modern agriculture- the Eco-Ag Conference & Trade Show LIVE in Cincinnati, Ohio, Dec. 6-9.

The Consulting Rooms are a free addition to the Advancing Hemp event, and do not require an Advancing Hemp registration to participate.

Each Consulting Room features a presentation on a different topic. Choose the topic or topics you’re interested in and sign up for that room!

Room 1: Mycorrhizae and Hemp: Microbes to Maximize Crop Performance

Learn how mycorrhizal fungi can support hemp cultivation by mitigating crop stress, supporting water and nutrient uptake, and maximizing crop performance.  Mycorrhizae are beneficial soil microorganisms that live in symbiotic relationship with plants’ roots, in a mutually beneficial relationship that dates back hundreds of millions of years.  This session will discuss how to utilize this sustainable technology, explain which mycorrhizal products are effective on hemp, and review application best practices including inoculation timing, nutrient protocols, etc. The presenter will be Blair Busenbark a Mycorrhizal Applications staff member. Sponsored by Mycorrhizal Applications. Register here!

Room 2: Boosting Secondary Metabolites in Cannabis with Fish Hydrolysate

Alex Ganos of Biologic Systems will present on the lessons and successes he has witnessed in boosting secondary metabolites in cannabis with fish hydrolysate. Alex’s company is a long-time consultant and supplier serving cannabis growers in southern Oregon and northern California. Sponsored by Pacific Gro. Register here!

Room 3: Preventing Transplant Shock and Botrytis Bud Rot

Dr. Brecht, PhD Plant Pathologist and cannabis expert, will discuss using biofungicides: Regalia to prevent transplant shock, and Regalia and Stargus to dramatically reduce the incidence of Botrytis bud rot. Matthew Brecht is a cannabis grower, hemp expert and plant pathologist. Sponsored by Marrone Bio. Register here!

Room 4: Biological Farm Management: Using biology to unlock your soil’s full potential

Beneficial soil microbes are key to effective soil nutrient availability and uptake by the plant. Join Certified Crop Advisors Dennis Warnecke and Steve Becker for a discussion about the vitally important, and often overlooked, role of soil biology in a successful growing program. Sponsored by Tainio Bio. Register here!