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Join Us August 23-24 for the 5th Annual Healthy Soil Summit

We’re excited to announce that registration is now open for the 2023 Healthy Soil Summit! The annual Healthy Soil Summit is an essential event for ranchers, growers and farmers who are improving their soil health management systems.

2023 Healthy Soil Summit
August 23-24, 2023
Register here

2023 Healthy Soil Summit info
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Take advantage of early bird pricing and commit to your soil health education this summer! Early bird prices end on June 21 so don’t wait!

About the Healthy Soil Summit

The Healthy Soil Summit, founded in 2019, is an essential learning and networking experience for farmers and ranchers, from conventional to organic.

hss 2019 tour image
Attendees of the 2019 Healthy Soil Summit gather together for a presentation during the farm tour.

Attendees just starting their soil health program or advanced in their practices will leave with a better understanding of the key principles and techniques being used by the world’s top soil health managers. Our workshops and farm tours, led by real-world farmers and ranchers, will help increase your operation’s resilience to weather and climate, while decreasing the need for fertilizers and inputs, and will help you to create a more desirable product to sell to today’s consumer. 

Our Healthy Soil Summit Exhibitor Hall features only the top companies in the eco-agriculture space, well-established and ready to help you with any problems you face, from crop protection to soil testing to soil fertility, and more. Whether you manage orchards, cash crops, greenhouses or ranches, our exhibitors attend HSS specifically to reach today’s soil health manager who is making tough decisions on fertilizers, cover crops, livestock care, lab testing, seed purchasing and tillage.

Past Events

Each year the Healthy Soil Summit invites experienced farmers to share their practical methods for success.

Gary Zimmer presenting at the 2019 Healthy Soil Summit event.
Gary Zimmer presenting at the 2019 Healthy Soil Summit event.

Past speakers have included: 

  • Gary Zimmer
  • John Kempf
  • Nicole Masters
  • Mimi Casteel
  • Michael Phillips
  • Rick Clark
  • Dan Kittredge
  • Judith Fitzpatrick
  • James White
  • James Pingrey
  • … and many more!
James Pingrey presents on the farm tour for the 2022 Healthy Soil Summit
James Pingrey presents on the farm tour for the 2022 Healthy Soil Summit

In the coming weeks we will be announcing more speakers, as well as the farm tour locations – so be sure you’re signed up for the Acres U.S.A. News & Announcements email newsletter so you can be the first to hear about any updates! Sign up here

What It’s Like to Attend

Curious what it’s like to attend a Healthy Soil Summit event? Check out our recaps of past years here: 

Don’t wait – register today for the Healthy Soil Summit this August 23-24, in Seaside, California. Register here, or learn more at!