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Last Day for the Overstock Sale!

We may be closed, but our sale is still on! Today’s your last day to save up to 20% off on select books, including a number of popular and bestselling Acres U.S.A. titles. Get a head start on your summer reading list, and enjoy some savings while you’re at it! Take a sneak peek at some of our titles below and be sure to check out the whole Overstock Sale collection.

Ask the Plant

Ask the Plant, based on the agronomy of “K.” Chandler, offers farmers and growers a better way to grow plants that involves reading the unique language of plants, utilizing leaf and petiole testing, and in turn knowing how to produce a better crop using only the fertilizers and soil-building ingredients that are truly needed, when they are most needed. Instead of following the decades old conventional model where plants are given copious amounts of soluble nitrogen fertilizers aimed to force-feed the landscape green, this book addresses how to build a healthy soil without excessive inputs. After more than seven decades of soils being mined not replenished, especially of organic matter and minerals — it is time to “Ask the Plant” and find out what our crops and soils are really telling us so we can produce a better crop using only what is truly needed. 

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A Holistic Vet’s Prescription for a Healthy Herd

Learn to heal your cattle by treating the cause and not the symptoms. Holistic veterinarian Richard “Doc” Holliday is here to share the secrets he’s learned from more than 50 years of experience in animal nutrition and health. Inside this book you’ll find studies on animal nutrition as well as a veterinarian’s real-life experiences with nutritionally wise livestock. In addition, Doc takes on some of his most frequently asked questions regarding animal health to provide the reader with a clear idea of some organic and holistic solutions to common cattle care issues such as mastitis, milk fever, and calving.

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Dung Beetles

Charles Walters digs deep into modern science and ancient history, traditional folklore and the best practical advice to resurrect the lowly dung beetle, exposing farmers and ranchers — and anyone with a desire to work more closely with nature — to this amazing creature. Meet the world’s leading scientists and farmer/researchers who have dedicated years to understanding the roles, actions and value of dung beetles in bringing a grazing operation into compliance with nature’s laws, and then harvest the profits. Anyone interested in organic forms of farming will be enchanted by the intriguing tale of the dung beetle.

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