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Marty Travis

Marty Travis

Marty Travis is the proud owner of Spence Farm, which he runs with his wife, Kris and son, Will. Since they started their farm, they have grown their co-op to more than 120 participating farms in the Illinois region. Their farm and co-op supplies organic vegetables and heritage meats to some of the top kitchens in the city of Chicago. In 2019, Spence Farm was highlighted in the documentary, Sustainable. Marty Travis is also the author of My Farmer, My Customer, published by Acres U.S.A.

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This book belongs in the hands of anyone who eats and wants to understand what it takes to produce healthy food. Through new ideas and a different perspective, Marty shares a winning formula for success in modern family farming.

This book provides the reader with the necessary steps an owner-operator must take to set up their family farm for long-term success. Marty, a seasoned farmer, writes each chapter like a neighbor giving trusted advice, including honest details about what worked and what failed — more reasons this book is so special.

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