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Organic Farmers Business Handbook

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Richard Wiswall
Contrary to popular belief, a good living can be made on an organic farm. What's required is farming smarter, not harder.
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Richard Wiswall challenges the conventional notion that there's no real money in farming. He argues that farmers should be well-compensated, and then he shows how to make that happen. Every farmer--organic or not, beginner or experienced--should read this book. The author shares advice on how to make your vegetable production more efficient, better manage your employees and finances, and turn a profit. From his 27 years of experience at Cate Farm in Vermont, Wiswall knows firsthand the joys of starting and operating an organic farm-as well as the challenges of making a living from one. Farming offers fundamental satisfaction from producing food, working outdoors, being one's own boss, and working intimately with nature. But, unfortunately, many farmers avoid learning about the business end of farming; because of this, they often work harder than they need to, or quit farming altogether because of frustrating-and often avoidable-losses. Includes CD for use on your computer. Copyright 2009, softcover, 184 pages.


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