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Organic Field Crop Handbook — 3rd Edition

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Brenda Frick, Laura Telford, Joanne Thiessen Martens
The 3rd edition of the Organic Field Crop Handbook has been fully revised to reflect the latest information on growing organic field crops in North America, including wheat, spelt, beans, hemp, flax, soybeans and more. Relying on scientific research and experience from successful organic farmers, the handbook guides farmers as they build profitable and resilient organic farm enterprises. The book is valuable for beginner and experienced organic farmers, as well as farmers in transition.
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The Organic Field Crop Handbook3rd Edition provides a road map to field crop producers who aspire to improve the environmental sustainability and profitability of their farming operations. It is intended for organic farmers as well as for producers who want to reduce their reliance on external inputs while improving knowledge of non-chemical weed management and natural methods to enhance soil fertility. Academics and extension workers will find these pages packed with the latest science (at the time of writing) and best management practices for organic field crop production.The handbook provides the theoretical foundation as well as practical production guidance for the cultivation of the key organic field crops grown in North America.


Copyright 2016, softcover, 448 pages