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Patrick's Great Grass Adventure

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Joel Salatin and Rachel Salatin
Bringing pasture-based farming to life, Patrick Pigeon offers his understanding of Greg the Grass Farmer's activities. This is not the stereotypical farm with red barns, silos, and horses; it's a fundamentally ecologically sound, land healing outfit to capture the imagination of both children and adults.
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In his first children's book, farmer-author Joel Salatin and his daughter Rachel team up on a whimsical tale about a pigeon, a farmer, and grass. This beautifully illustrated edu-tainment book introduces 4-7 year-olds to Greg the grass farmer through the eyes of Patrick Pigeon. What better way to discover ecology-enhancing grass farming than from an aerial view? Grass as crop, insect haven, and diversity blanket comes to life as Patrick Pigeon watches and reports on Greg the grass farmer's activities.  Discovering a real farm from a real farmer through captivating explanation and illustration brings a local grass farm to life.

Copyright 2017, softcover, 35 pages