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This is a free product that is only available for paid attendees to the 2018 Eco-Ag Conference & Trade Show in Louisville, Kentucky. Please respect the presenters' copyright and only share these with permission from the presenter.

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Here are the presentations currently available (updated 12/12/18):

Nicole Delcogliano, Holistic Goal-Setting for Farmers
(PDF, 3.7 MB) 

Paul Dorrance, Using Mult-Species Synergies to Your Advantage
(PDF, 41.8 MB)

Dr. Don Huber, Genetic Engineering & GMOs
(PDF, 182.9 MB)

Dr. Don Huber, Mineral Nutrition Part 1
(PDF, 40.1 MB)

Dr. Don Huber, Mineral Nutrition Part 2
(PDF, 77.2 MB)

Daniela Ibarra Howell, Redefining Wealth
(PDF, 106 MB)

Pamela Marrone, Bio-Based Solutions for Pest Management & Plant Health
(PDF, 23.6 MB)

Mark Shepard, Water for Any Farm (Eco-Ag U)
(PDF, 117.4 MB)

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