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Dr. Arden Andersen is both an agronomist and a physician, and in our 2011 Acres U.S.A. annual conference, he shares with an audience of farmers and ranchers how he sees a farm. He takes ideas of science and the art of farming and brings it down to a personal level and translates the complicated ideas that stimulate growth into laymen's terms that anyone can understand.

Dr. Andersen was raised on a dairy farm in Michigan, received his undergraduate degree in Agriculture from Univ. of Arizona, taught vocational agriculture at the high school level and founded his own agricultural consulting business for 8 years while completing a Ph.D. in Ag/Biophysics before going to osteopathic medical school at Western University of Health Sciences, Pomona, California, he did a FP tracking internship in Muskegon, Michigan, residency in Occupational Medicine at University of South Florida and completed a Master's of Science in Public Health. He has continued a dual profession of farm management/soil/plant nutritional consulting and general family medicine (private practice)/flight medicine (USAFR) traveling over 100,000 miles per year from 1998 to 2008; authored numerous books, manuals, course DVDs and CDs, taught in 8 countries and 2 languages; consulted in 11 countries; given professional testimony/presentation in three countries. He has a unique understanding of the direct correlation between soil health and human health and how to maximize outcome of both with appropriate nutritional and physiologic management.

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