Charles Walters: A Farmer's Guide to the Bottom Line MP3

Charles Walters


Charles Walters, a prolific writer and founder of Acres U.S.A., gives an audio presentation from his book, A Farmer's Guide to the Bottom Line, in which he compiles his stories and knowledge gained from decades criss-crossing the country and talking to small farmers. This, combined with his knowledge gained from starting and running his own business, gives farmers a primer on what to think about when running small farms in an ecologically correct manner.

Walters, the founder of Acres U.S.A., knew he had to fight the good fight on his own terms. Acres U.S.A. was his base camp, and while he struggled to keep it afloat in the early years, the journal immediately attracted a throng of fascinating figures. It seemed there were other mavericks out there who needed a forum, and they came out of the woodwork. Soil scientists, farm policy experts, economic thinkers, insect researchers, philosophers of the land — Walters met many of them through Acres U.S.A., interviewing them, commissioning articles by them, and inviting them to speak at the annual conference he began in 1975.

(55 minutes, 56 seconds) 

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