Vail Dixon Audio: Is Your Soil Really Covered? Unearth Your Own Blind Spots to Radically Improve Your Soil

Vail Dixon

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How many of you struggle with weeds, pests, diseases, or lower-than-desired production? Do you ever feel like you are swimming in a sea of choices to improve your land? Are you ready to build soil that is productive, profitable and resilient even in drought and flood?

If so, come deep dive into the ONE blind spot that is all-too-often overlooked yet offers the biggest return!  You can do the right testing and buy all the best inputs, but without a foundation of healthy soil cover, you will struggle to put the pieces together in ways that work to get a return on your investments. Discover your stage of soil cover to nail YOUR next steps to healthy plants.

Recorded live at the 2019 Eco-Ag Conference and Trade Show in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Audio • 1 hour, 5 minutes • 1 USB, Data Disc or CD.

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