Courtney White, Evening Keynote: Finding Hope in Regenerative Agriculture MP3

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This presentation covers Courtney White’s journey from city boy to environmental activist to dues-paying member of the New Mexico Cattle growers Association to his current role as advocate for regenerative agriculture. At each step along the way, he found a great deal of hope to a variety of global concerns — hope that he’ll share. Topics include: sustainable ranching, ecological restoration, grass-fed food, The Radical Center, carbon sequestration in soils, and other 2% Solutions. He will conclude by discussing the hopefulness of regenerative agriculture, which embraces values that are cooperative, local, democratic, principled, practical, experimental, entrepreneurial, thrifty and profitable. Above all, regenerative agriculture emphasizes renewal.

(17.88 MB) (52 minutes, 5 seconds) Recorded at the Acres U.S.A. 2017 Eco-Ag Conference & Trade Show, Columbus, Ohio, Friday, December 8, 2017.

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