Gary Zimmer: Capturing Top Results for the Environment, Your Crops & Your Bottom Line with Biological Farming

Gary Zimmer


Gary Zimmer, Wisconsin-based consultant, trainer, author and organic farmer, boasts clients from around the world. With recently rising corn/soybean prices, he will make the case that now is the time for fully implementing best practices of biological farming and thereby capturing the short- and long-term benefits. The answer, he holds, likes in fertility and soil health, not increasingly expensive technology purchases. While the biological farming principles he has long taught are applicable to all scales of farming and all crops, Gary holds that the tools now exist to immediately change agriculture worldwide. In this compelling presentation he will detail how commodity crop farmers can benefit from eco-farming methods now. He will discuss tillage, fertility management, and the entire crop cycle special focus on corn and soybeans.

Gary Zimmer heads Midwestern Bio-Ag Products & Services, a manufacturing and consulting company that provides products and services for sustainable agriculture. He is also an on-farm consultant and manages the company's learning center and Otter Creek Organic Farm. Before launching Midwestern Bio-Ag, he served as an independent soils and dairy nutrition consultant, as well as working with Brookside Laboratories. An educator at heart, he taught agriculture at both high school and technical school levels. He holds a graduate degree in dairy nutrition and lectures widely on the subject. He is the author of The Biological Farmer and co-author of Advancing Biological Farming.

(1 hour, 31 minutes, 5 seconds) Recorded Friday, December 12, 2013

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