Growing Food in a Hotter, Drier Land

Gary Paul Nabhan


With climatic uncertainty now “the new normal,” many farmers, gardeners and orchardists in North America are desperately seeking ways to adapt how they grow food in the face of climate change. In Growing Food in a Hotter, Drier Land, Gary Paul Nabhan, one of the world’s experts on the agricultural traditions of arid lands, draws from the knowledge of traditional desert farmers to offer time-tried strategies including building greater moisture-holding capacity and nutrients in soils, protecting fields from damaging winds, drought and floods, reducing heat stress on crops and livestock and keeping pollinators in pace and in place with arid-adapted crop plants.

This practical book is replete with detailed descriptions and diagrams showing how to implement desert-adapted practices in your own backyard, orchard, or farm to mitigate the impact of these rapid changes. It also includes colorful “parables from the field” that exemplify how desert farmers think about increasing the carrying capacity and resilience of the lands and waters they steward.

Copyright 2013, softcover, 272 pages.

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