Hugh Lovel, The Need for Total Soil Testing MP3

Hugh Lovel

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Hugh Lovel is a longtime friend of Acres U.S.A, and spoke at our 2012 annual conference about the knowledge he has gained from years of consulting with farmers on multiple continents.

Hugh Lovel is one of the world's leaders in quantum agriculture and biodynamics. He is the author of many articles on radionics, atmospheric reorganization and the biochemical sequencing of the soil. He consults, speaks and teaches on all aspects of agriculture and is an expert on AgPhysics and the use of biodynamic energy patters to affect the atmosphere, weather cycles and soil in order to grow the highest quality food. Lovel built on his formal education to formulate his concepts and developments during more than 30 years of farming first in the mountains of northern Georgia and currently on the tablelands of Tolga, Australia. His farm on 14 acres in Blairsville, Georgia, was literally a gully when he began. The farm was reclaimed through the application of enlivened rock powders, biodynamic treatments, and skillful manipulation of cosmic energies, not to mention a good deal of hard labor.

Note: The copy of the presentation he mentions is not currently available.

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