Market Farming Success: The Business of Growing and Selling Local Food

Lynn Byczynski


Market Farming Success offers an insider’s guide to market gardening and farming for those in the business of growing and selling food, flowers, herbs or plants. Condensing decades of growing experience from every part of the United States and Canada, Lynn Byczynski — editor of Growing for Market — identifies key areas that usually trip up beginners and shows growers how to avoid common obstacles.

This book differentiates between market gardens, market farms, and vegetable farms and offers a concise and useful overview of how to find land, select and grow crops, acquire appropriate equipment according to scale, market produce, and tackle record keeping, insurance and other business matters. This new edition of a 2006 classic is greatly updated and expanded and includes full-color photos, charts, and graphs, plus many inspiring and instructive profiles of successful market farming pioneers. This book will help the aspiring or beginning farmer advance quickly and confidently through the inevitable learning curve of starting a new business.

Copyright 2006, 2013, softcover, 288 pages.

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