Night Came to the Farms of the Great Plains

Raymond D. North


This book is a preview of what is being created from almost six decades of Washington’s tinkering with the foodbelt. This is the story of debt, agency mendacity and violations of the law by land banks and Farmers Home Administration so blatant they beggar the imagination. The human dramas detailed are more than an indictment, they are a crime, and a sorrow on the land. Documents with personal stories the plight of the American farmer. Everyone concerned about agriculture should read and understand the message of this book.

Copyright 1991, softcover, 286 pages.

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Humusphere: A New Book Release from Acres U.S.A.

In this breakthrough work — now available in English for the first time — the independent German-Norwegian explorer of soil life, graduate permaculture designer and graduate engineer Herwig Pommeresche shares his lifetime of research into humus.

#7488 • Copyright 2018 • Softcover • 264 pages