Radical Homemakers

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Subtitled Reclaiming Domesticity From a Consumer Culture. Most people understand the fundamental steps needed to resolve the global crises of climate change and dwindling resources – reduce driving, consume less, increase our self-reliance, buy and eat locally, and rebuild our local communities. Many more though need to realize that what lies ahead is a big need to re-kindle a focus on home and hearth – to center lives around family and community. Radical Homemakers looks at the men and women across the country who have taken a stand and found empowerment, transformation, happiness in a counterculture that casts aside the pressures of excessive consumerism to live in a world where money loses its power. Instead they have focused on relationships, independent thought, and creativity. This book is for anyone who has considered quitting their job to plant tomatoes, can green beans, read to a child and take steps toward healing the planet! Radical Homemaking shows how we can all rebuild a life-serving, socially just and ecologically sustainable economy by reclaiming our domestic skills.
Copyright 2010, softcover, 300 pages.

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