Sabino Cortez: Serengeti-Style Grazing for Maximum Production

Sabino Cortez


Texas composter Sabino Cortez will present an extremely productive method of grass-based cattle management tagged "Serengeti-style grazing," which utilizes large-scale application of compost tea and intensively managed pastures. Through the management of pastures as high-output cropland almost unbelievable stock densities, productivity, and per-acre profit are obtainable, all while benefitting the soil, the pastures, the farm.

Sabino Cortez is a Texas-based composter, manufacturer of organic inputs, and inventor. His experimentation with a hydrocyclone design over the last ten years has led to a production system for high volumes of high-quality compost tea and other organic plant food materials. He heads Erath Earth in Hico, Texas. He travels widely consulting with farmers and ranchers, particularly on the large-scale use of compost teas and the production possibilities of intensely managed pastures.

Recorded Friday, December 13, 2013

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