The Gourmet Butcher DVD

Cole Ward


Cole Ward is the host of The Gourmet Butcher: From Farm to Table, an instructional DVD intended for farmers, homesteaders, and home cooks wanting to cut and prepare your own meat, or simply be more informed about specific cuts of meat and how to utilize them. Ward, who has been a teaching butcher for 30 years teams up with Chef Courtney Contos to provide solid instruction about primal and gourmet cuts, recipe ideas, using butchering hand tools and safety tips. The DVD shows the step-by-step butchering process for beef, pork and lamb; breaking down the carcass into primal cuts, turning these into gourmet or retail cuts, then transforming them into table-ready gourmet dishes. Ideal for do-it-yourselfers wanting to bring back a culinary lost art.

DVD format, 260 minutes.

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