The Illustrated Guide to Chickens


A delightfully illustrated guide featuring the 100 most familiar breeds of chickens in Europe and North America. The breed profiles are written in an engaging style that covers the history of each breed, the main characteristics, and how to look after them. Each breed is illustrated with delightful paintings by the author. The illustrations also detail comb types, feather markings, colors and other significant characteristics.

The book also offers practical advice about poultry-rearing and husbandry, including practical sections on buying hens, the equipment needed to keep and breed them, basic care (including feeding and hygiene), common ailments, troubleshooting, care of chicks and more. The differences between breeds is discussed, including the pros and cons of pure breeds, hybrids, bantams, game fowl and layers versus table hens.

Copyright 2011, Hardcover, 192 pages.

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