The New Agritourism


Farmers worldwide have rediscovered a new crop: agritourism. From lavender micro-farms to large corn acreages, some farmers are finding that by opening their farms to non-farming citizens, even a few weekends a year, they can receive a serious boost in revenue. Further, the general public begins to reconnect with the depth of farming, which encourages them to offer and demand support for fair treatment of their local farms. Using successful real farm examples, this book explains how farmers can earn more income and keep their authentic farms thriving by operating an agritourism enterprise.
Copyright 2008, softcover, 206 pages.

Interviews with Eco-Agriculture Legends

The 2018 Eco-Ag Conference & Trade Show

Our goal for the Acres U.S.A. 2018 Eco-Ag Conference & Trade Show is simple and clear ─ that this is the most useful conference on agriculture you’ve ever attended.