Water for Any Farm

Mark Shepard

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Written as a companion to the bestseller, Restoration Agriculture, this book will help farmers capture water in areas they want to, and avoid having water flow immediately to the low point. The result? Less water expense, healthier crops and livestock, and less erosion ... just to name a few. 

What you will read in this book is a distillation of over 25 years of on-the-ground experience working with and modifying the Yeomans’ Keyline Plan. From the back yard suburbs to 10,000-acre ranches and everywhere in between, from permafrost mountainsides just shy of the Arctic Circle, to equatorial boulder fields of East Africa, areas with 300 inches of rain per year to those with less than 3 inches, I have personally installed systems based on the Keyline design methodology and its modified forms.

What you will read in this book is tried and true. It is intended to give a sufficient background to any landowner so that they can optimize their water resource for higher site productivity, have greater drought resistance and just as importantly, to know deep in their heart that they have made even one little piece of earth a little more life-filled, livable and green.

#7573 • Copyright 2020 • Softcover • 240 pages

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Rod E.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Water for any Farm

Great book for working with keyline type contours to hold and infiltrate water on the farm. A useful book based on first hand experience.

A Acres U.S.A., the Voice of Eco-Agriculture Customer
Gregory M.
Australia Australia
Keyline made easy

Loved it - simple, practical advise that provided confidence to put it in to action.

A Acres U.S.A., the Voice of Eco-Agriculture Customer
Peter A.
Canada Canada
Thirsty Manimal Gulps Down Water for Any Farm

I’ve trudged the dusty roads of landscape design using Keyline principles for years. The core concept is not confusing but the supporting principles and potential applications often are. Shepard’s hard-won experience, sllghtly cavalier iconoclasms, principled tweaks and—most importantly—his flood of clear, color illustrations float this book high and proud. Phew!

Doug P.
United States United States
A drought of information

I waited months to receive this book and was very disappointed in it. If we had a hilly farm this info would have been useful. But our farm is flat and we were looking for info on the most efficient irrigation systems. Overall a waste of money.

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