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Established in 1938, TPS Lab provides custom guidance to growers globally with Plant Natural® Soil & Compost tests, Ask The Plant® plant sap tests, and irrigation water tests. Now, it offers HEMPlan® for industrial hemp growers and Plant Natural™ Innovations line of products.

4915 West Monte Cristo Rd. | Edinburg TX 78541 | 956.383.0739 |


SureSource Commodities

SureSource Commodities buys and sells organic, non-GMO crops. Our relationships with farmers and buyers are based on trust, high standards, and fairness. SureSource Agronomy offers products and services that integrate the physical, chemical, and biological components of healthy soils and crops.

4427 VanDerWal Drive | Petrolia, Ontario N0N 1R0 | Canada | 866.697.5960 |


Agriculture Solutions Inc.

Agriculture Solutions is a fertilizer company that focuses on regenerative and organic farming. They offer agronomy services and are available across North America. They are the North American distributors of Nutri-Tech Solutions. AGSOL is helping farmers grow healthy crops.

4603 Perth Road 135 | Sebringville Ontario, N0K 1X0 | Canada | 855.247.6548 |



With Barn2Door, Farms can drive sales across the web, mobile, social and email with convenient, self-service ordering for their Farm’s products. We’ve built a shopping experience specifically for Farms’ unique needs, with the convenience today’s consumers expect. We’re the largest Farm-specific ecommerce solution, with Farms across the country selling direct to retail and direct to wholesale.


Sea-90 Ocean Minerals

Sea-90 Ocean Minerals are unlike any other mineral supplement.  Naturally created from the pure ocean waters of the Sea of Cortez, Sea-90 ensures all beneficial minerals and trace elements are available to work together.  Unlock your farm’s full potential with Sea-90:  supercharged soils, nutrient-dense plants and crops, and healthier animals. 

Marietta, GA 30068 |


Simple Soil Solutions

2370 Buffalo Station Drive | Gladstone VA 24553 | 434.983.8000 |


Advancing Eco Agriculture

Advancing Eco Agriculture (AEA) is an agricultural products and services provider that is leading the burgeoning regenerative agriculture movement. We provide plant nutritional products and soil biological amendments to farmers in North America that help them to grow healthier, more productive and more valuable crops.

Middlefield, OH | 877.323.3003 |


Pacific Gro

Pacific Gro produces liquid organic Seafood for the Soil. It builds humus and healthy soil, and is used as a foliar.  Provides amino acid nitrogen, fish oil, plant-available calcium and chitin from crab shell.

PO Box 3306 | Bellevue WA 98009 | 503.867.4849 |


Great Western Sales/Organic Gem

Organic Gem is the most bio-active fish fertilizer possible; Environmentally friendly, it will augment other soil amendments, decreasing total quantities needed.  Soil quality is improved for better penetration of water and nutrients. Experience the difference.

P.O. Box 25955 | Scottsdale, AZ 85255 | 877.323.3003 |


Logan Labs

Logan Labs provides soil analysis, irrigation water analysis, and plant tissue analysis for all areas of the agricultural community.

620 N Main St. | Lakeview, OH 43331 | 937.842.6100 |


Nature Safe Organic Fertilizers

Nature Safe Organic Fertilizer feeds the soil by exploding the soil microbial population and providing plant nutrition. Our concentrated high nutrient fertilizer provides a consistent and controlled release. Made from feed grade plant and animal proteins with no manure.

4221 Alexandria Pike | Lakeview, OH 43331 | 800.743.7413 |


The Andersons, Inc


1947 Briarfield Blvd | Maumee, OH 43537 | 419.893.5050 |


SQM Specialty Plant Nutrition

SQM Specialty Plant Nutrition manufactures plant nutrient products for the organic and conventional crop and greenhouse/nursery grower.

2727 Paces Ferry Rd. | Atlanta, GA 30339 | 888.241.0233 |


Norofert USA

All natural products based on micronutrients and vegetable oils; innovative products for high-yield, organic crops. Seed treatment, germinator boosters, pesticides, insecticides, fungicides. Successful results in Europe, now available in the U.S.A.

18930 Lomond Blvd | Shaker Heights, OH 44122 | 260.433.0889 |



Our product line includes remedies for dairy animals, free-choice minerals for grazing livestock, and nutritional solutions for all crops. We believe that the true health of our planet, its inhabitants and the food they eat depends on the health of the soil.

PO 267 | Martins Creek, PA 18063 | 610.250.9280 |


Ozark Organics LLC

Organic Feed Mill Buying Organic Grain for Poultry Feed

34 Kelly Rd. | Buffalo, MO 65622 | 417.345.4300 |


Midwest Bio-Systems

The Mission of Midwest Bio-Systems (MBS) is to supply the needs of the emerging sustainable agriculture market with the knowledge and equipment needed to produce and apply high quality humus compost economically to improve and implement sustainable growing practices.

28933 35 E Street | Tampico, IL 61283 | 815.438.7200 |


Geofield Systems

Protect against manmade electromagnetic radiation with Geofield and restore strength to your farm. Geofield uses light wave harmonics to make manmade electromagnetic radiation, today’s greatest threat to agriculture production, balanced and bio-compatible. Achieve greater production outcomes without changing protocols.

2910 E 57th Ave | Ste 5-273 | Spokane, WA 99223 | 833.723.3363 |


Tainio Biologicals, Inc.

For over 35 years, Tainio Biologicals, Inc. has been a pioneer in regenerative, biological agriculture. With solutions for farmers, gardeners, and product formulators alike, Tainio’s agricultural inoculants help restore balance to microbial populations in the soil for high-yield, nutritionally balanced crops.

PO Box 19185 | Spokane, WA 99219 | 509.747.5471 |


Everbest Organics Inc.

Everbest Organics receives and processes over 11 different Organic Dry Bean and Soybean’s in excess of 17,000 tons annually from growers in more than 15 continental states.

136 E Munger Rd. | Munger, MI 24533 | 989.659.2599 |



Leading supplier of sustainable solutions for over 30 years. 80+ OMRI Listed products including biopesticides, adjuvants and nutrition. For info, visit or download the BRANDT Product Finder App today.

2935 S Koke Mill Rd. | Springfield, IL 62711 | 217.547.5800 |


Blue River Organic Seed, LLC

It is our mission to provide 100% of our products as certified organic seed whenever possible. We have achieved this lofty goal for our corn and soybean varieties. These varieties are somoe of the most competitive in the seed industry.

2326 230th St. | Ames, IA 50014 | 800.370.7979 |