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Roller/Crimper No-Till Now Available as eBook

Roller/Crimper No-Till: Advancing No-Till Agriculture is now available as an eBook in the Amazon store for just $9.99. The book by Jeff Moyer, CEO of Rodale Institute and inventor of the modern roller-crimper, is an expanded update of the groundbreaking work Organic No-Till Farming. This book presents farmers — organic and conventional — with a proven system that limits tillage, reduces labor, cuts toxic inputs and improves soil structure.

For organic farmers who want to refine their practices and conventional farmers wanting to stop chemical mowing and save on inputs, Roller/Crimper No-Till is truly indispensable.

You can also learn more about the book and order a physical copy from Acres U.S.A.

SKU 7633. Copyright 2021 | 266 pages | Softcover