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Sepp Holzer's Permaculture

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Sepp Holzer
With a focus on ranch-based consumer marketing, the marketing principles included are universal and contain much for everyone to become better marketers in any competitive marketplace.
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After taking over a mountain farm business in Austria from his parents at 19, Holzer earned a nickname of the rebel farmer for his persistence in using ecological farming or permaculture techniques after unsuccessfully trying regular farming methods. In this book he shares his skill and knowledge in growing profitable fruit trees, cultivating mushrooms and his success with pigs, poultry and building a kitchen garden on his doorstep. In total he tends 111 acres of forest gardens, including 70 ponds, terraces, raised beds and waterways. Holzer doesn’t just cover how to create a holistic farm, but also shows how to make a living from it too. More than just a great permaculture guidebook, Holzer reveals the thinking processes he uses, based on principles found in nature, to create his productive systems – information that can be applied anywhere.
Copyright 2004, softcover, 218 pages.


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