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Steve Becker

Steve Becker

As Chief Science Officer at Tainio Biologicals, Steve Becker is afforded an up close and personal view into the world of soil biology; valuable information that he uses in the development and refinement of Tainio products. After earning a degree in biology from Eastern Washington University, Steve began working with Bruce Tainio at Tainio Biologicals. Under his mentorship, Steve developed a deep respect for nature, farming, and the plant and soil microbiome, which has become what he studies, shares, and develops inputs for. Most recently, Steve became a Certified Crop Advisor, and is using that knowledge to help guide farmers to incorporate Biological Farm Management System into their farms and fertility programs. When not in his lab or out in the field, Steve enjoys spending time with his wife and two children.

Webinar: Soil Biology with Steve and Dennis

In this webinar from the 2021 Regen Rev virtual event, Steve Becker and Dennis Warnecke of Tainio Biologicals present on “Soil Biology: A Critical Component to Regenerative Agriculture.”

Play Video about Dennis Warnecke and Steve Becker webinar screenshot