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Nothing affects soil health as greatly as organic matter in the soil. And composting has long been a go-to resource for farmers and gardeners seeking to improve the soil. Here's how.

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  • Bokashi Composting

    Bokashi is Japanese for "fermented organic matter." Bokashi composting is a safe, quick, and convenient way to compost in your kitchen, garage, or apartment, using a specific group of microorganisms to anaerobically ferment all food waste (including meat and dairy). Since the process takes place in a closed system, insects and smell are controlled, making it ideal for urban or business settings. The process is very fast, with compost usually ready to be integrated into your soil or garden in around two weeks. Learn More

  • Organic Composting Handbook, The

    With growing concerns about the use of pesticides, herbicides, and GMOs in mainstream gardening practices, more and more families are turning to their backyards to grow their own food using methods they know are safe. The need for clear, straightforward instruction on organic gardening techniques has never been greater. With The Organic Composting Handbook, readers will get the information they need to prepare their gardens for healthy, abundant crops. Learn More

  • Bio-Integrated Farm, The

    The Bio-Integrated Farm offers in-depth information about designing and building a wide range of bio-integrated projects including reflecting ponds, water-storage ponds, multipurpose basins, greenhouses, compost heat extraction, pastured chicken systems, aquaculture, hydroponics, hydronic heating, water filtration and aeration, cover cropping, and innovative rainwater-harvesting systems that supply water for drip irrigation and flushing toilets.

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  • Compost Revolution

    The author brilliantly combines classic and cutting-edge research with real-world experience in gardens and horticultural applications. Farmers and growers of all scales will benefit from learning about the original “organic farmer” … the earthworm.

    Worm composting is a superb alternative to traditional composting methods, which generally suffer from high-energy losses. Working in harmony with the below-surface army of microorganisms, the lowly earthworm is now known to be the true hero in the underground, a soil builder par excellence, not only in nature, but also in garden- and farm-scale composting systems.

    Copyright 2018. Softcover. 164 pages. 

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  • Dung Beetles

    Charles Walters digs deep into modern science and ancient history, traditional folklore and the best practical advice to resurrect the lowly dung beetle, exposing farmers and ranchers — and anyone with a desire to work more closely with nature — to this amazing creature. Learn More

  • The Secret Life of Compost

    Composting guru Malcolm Beck shares his invaluable insight into the processes of decay that can transform everything from lawn trimmings to sewer sludge into life-giving earth.  Learn More

  • The Organic Method Primer

    One of the most comprehensive books ever compiled on organic growing methods. This classic text covers it all, with chapters on: soil and soil conditioning; fertilizing; composting; cover crops; weeds; mulch; planting and transplanting; seeds diseases; harvesting and storage; equipment; even marketing!  Learn More

  • Field Guide to On-Farm Composting

    This book, intended as a companion to the highly successful On-Farm Composting Handbook, was developed to assist in day-to-day compost system management. It is spiral bound, printed on heavy paper, with a laminated cover for durability.  Learn More

  • On-Farm Composting Handbook

    With increasing concern about the environment, composting has become an attractive option to turn problem materials and waste into a valuable product which can be returned to the land. The publication, On-Farm Composting Handbook, NRAES-54, presents a thorough overview of farm-scale composting and explains how to produce, use, and market compost. Learn More

  • The Complete Compost Gardening Guide

    The authors describe a natural six-way basic compost gardening system to achieve a compost-rich garden that requires less digging, hauling, weeding, mulching and even less plants. Learn More

  • The Worm Book

    This comprehensive resource book on worm growing and worm composting discusses how with a minimum of fuss, these humble soil-dwelling heroes can turn your garbage into the finest, richest compost imaginable. Learn More

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