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Modern grass farming entails a set of skill far beyond the “turning the cows out to pasture” of old. Learn about holistic management, intensive grazing, mob grazing, pasture management and more from these world-class practitioners.

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  • Silvopasture: A Guide to Managing Grazing Animals, Forage Crops, and Trees in a Temperate Farm Ecosystem

    In this book, farmer Steve Gabriel offers examples of diverse current systems that include:

    • A black locust plantation for fence posts coupled with summer grazing pastures for cattle in central New York;
    • Oxen and pigs used to clear forested land in New Hampshire to create space for new market gardens and orchards;
    • Turkeys used for controlling pests and fertilization on a cider orchard and asparagus farm in New York; and
    • Sheep that graze the understory of hybrid chestnut and hickory trees at a nut nursery in Minnesota.

    All of these examples share common goals, components, and philosophies. The systems may take several years to establish, but the long-term benefits include healthier animals and soils, greater yields, and the capacity to sequester atmospheric carbon better than forests or grasslands alone.

    For all these reasons and more, Silvopasture offers farmers an innovative and ecological alternative to conventional grazing practice.

    Copyright 2018. Softcover. 320 pages. 

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  • Paddock Shift: Changing Views on Grassland Farming

    In Paddock Shift, Changing views on grassland farming, Allan Nation provides a wealth of thought provoking ideas to shape your plans for a profitable grass farm — whether it's for beef, dairy, sheep, poultry, pigs, or goats.

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  • A Holistic Vet's Prescription for a Healthy Herd

    Learn to heal your cattle by treating the cause and not the symptoms. Holistic veterinarian Richard “Doc” Holiday is here to share the secrets he’s learned from more than fifty years of experience in animal nutrition and health.

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  • The Art & Science of Shepherding

    Far from a nostalgic glimpse into a romanticized lifestyle, this book teaches how this sophisticated art and set of tangible skills has application in modern, North American range/livestock management. Through academic study and analysis and in-depth interviews with master shepherds readers will be amazed by the deep connection between the nutritional need for animals to feed, the powers of observation used by the shepherds to effectively care for and manage large herds, and how the traditional moving of the animals is more fitting to many landscapes than even the most progressive rotational grazing and moveable fencing systems. Learn More

  • Biodynamic Pasture Management

    New Zealand grazing consultant Peter Bacchus shares a lifetime of experience on applying biodynamics to pastures. His multi-pronged approach considers balance of fertility elements, organic matter levels, soil life, and particularly soil life forces. Learn More

  • Kick the Hay Habit

    Gerrish writes in his straightforward way just how much it really costs to produce a ton of hay, how to use what nature provides for low-cost winter grazing, how to do a pasture inventory, how to design a customized winter forage system, how to transition from hay feeding to grazing and more. Learn More

  • Fertility Pastures

    In Fertility Pastures, Newman Turner details his methods of intensive pasture-based production of beef and dairy cows in a practical guide to profitable, labor-saving livestock production.  Learn More

  • Grass, the Forgiveness of Nature

    In this wide-ranging survey of grass forages and pastureland, Charles Walters makes the case that grass is not just for cows and horses — that in fact it is the most nutritious food produced by nature, as well as the ultimate soil conditioner. Learn More

  • No Risk Ranching

    After being forced to liquidate his herd to pay off debts, grazier Greg Judy tried a different approach — custom grazing on leased land. In this useful guide, Judy shares his hard-won knowledge of how to do it: finding idle land to lease; calculating the cost of a lease; drafting and writing a land lease contract; developing good water on leased land; lowering risk through custom grazing; promoting wildlife and improving timber stands; using cost/share programs; and much more.  Learn More

  • Forage Production for Pasture-Based Livestock Production

    This anthology of works from 20 experts covers a wide range of topics that will teach you how to get the most out of the plants that deliver nutrients to your livestock. Learn More

  • Forage Utilization for Pasture-Based Livestock Production

    This collection of works by university professors and government representatives covers pasture-management tools including permanent and temporary fencing, watering systems, lanes and feeding pads, animal-handling facilities and fly control. Learn More

  • Management-Intensive Grazing

    Using vivid images and detailed explanations, Jim Gerrish takes graziers step-by-step through the MIG system. Sections cover soils, growing quality pasture, matching forage and animals, managing pasture and animals, extending the growing season, animal care, fencing, water basics and more.  Learn More

  • Managing and Marketing for Pasture-Based Livestock Production

    The first of a four-part series on pastured-based livestock production from NRAES, this information-packed volume provides fundamental and essential information a producer needs to manage and market a goal-oriented forage-livestock system. Learn More

  • Animal Production Systems for Pasture-Based Livestock Production

    This is the final of a four book series, begun in 1998 under the direction of Edward B. Rayburn, extension forage agronomist of West Virginia University.  Learn More

  • Grass-Fed Cattle

    Author Julius Ruechel, who has been raising beef cattle on his family’s farm since his start as a 4-H member, packs this handbook with everything a farmer needs to know, regardless of herd size and acreage, about how to raise, manage and market grass-fed cattle.  Learn More

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