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Joel Salatin & Polyface Farm

Learn Polyface-style farming from The Salatin Semester, a new multimedia video/audio/print course.

New from Acres U.S.A., a multimedia video/audio/print course in profitable Polyface-method farming. More than 18 hours of video, plus audio, reference book and more!

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  • Everything I Want to Do Is Illegal

    Drawing upon 40 years’ experience as an ecological farmer and marketer, Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm, explains with humor and passion why Americans do not have the freedom to choose the food they purchase and eat.  Learn More

  • Family Friendly Farming

    Popular author and successful farmer Joel Salatin shares his vision for an alternative to the hectic and fragmented condition of American families. Family friendly farming, he argues, offers a real solution to this critical social issue, by developing more multi-generational agrarian home-based businesses, populating the land with passionate stewards, and insuring a clean, nutritious food supply for future generations. Learn More

  • Fields of Farmers

    Our culture desperately needs a generational transfer of millions of farm acres facing abandonment, development, or amalgamation into ever-larger holdings. Based on his decades of experience with interns and multigenerational partnerships at Polyface Farm, farmer and author Joel Salatin digs deep into the problems and solutions surrounding this land- and knowledge-transfer crisis. Learn More

  • Folks, This Ain't Normal

    Joel Salatin has become the voice of clean, local, healthy eating and urges people in Folks, This Ain’t Normal to take a closer look at our food: What’s in it, where is it coming from and how did it get to the table? Learn More

  • Holy Cows and Hog Heaven

    Tackling issues from farmer integrity to consumer kitchens to cultural cheap food policies, Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm puts producers and patrons on the same team to create a farm-friendly food landscape.  Learn More

  • Joel Salatin: Winners & Losers in an Acres U.S.A. Economy

    What would an Acres U.S.A. economy look like? Where would all the chemical company workers go? What would happen to the unemployed veterinarians and doctors? What would happen to McDonald's and Tyson? With his classic satire and humor, Salatin explains that an Acres U.S.A. economy would create a completely different culture. From local-centric food to collapsing casinos, this new economy would showcase an entirely new set of values ─ how exciting. Meet the amazing farmer behind Polyface Farms Learn More

  • Pastured Poultry Profits

    Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm defines a proven production model which is capable of producing an income from a small acreage equal or superior to that of most off-farm jobs.  Learn More

  • Salad Bar Beef

    Joel Salatin provides a complete how-to guide for successfully, profitably entering the natural, grass-fed beef business. His innovative program offers hope to rural communities, to struggling row-crop farmers, and to frustrated beef eaters who do not want to encourage desertification, air and water pollution, environmental degradation and inhumane animal treatment.  Learn More

  • The Polyface Farm DVD

    A comprehensive look at Joel Salatin’s Polyface Farm in 2001, this video features one of the world’s finest working examples of an environmentally friendly family farm.  Learn More

  • The Salatin Semester DVD & Book Set

    The Salatin Semester - complete details

    Would you like to get the inside scoop on rebooting your farm into a diversified moneymaker?

    A Complete Home Study Course in Polyface-Style Diversified Farming by Joel Salatin with Daniel Salatin and the Eco-Farmers’ Forum

    18 hours of video on 12 DVDs | 6 hours of audio Q&A | Digital slideshow farm tour | 256-page guidebook | Hardboard shelf box/binder

    Here Joel Salatin shares decades of hard-learned lessons and advice. Learn about:

    • Pastured broilers
    • Pastured layers (feathernets & eggmobiles) 
    • Salad bar beef
    • Pigaerator pork
    • Irrigation & fencing
    • On-farm processing
    • Relationship marketing
    • Multi-use infrastructure
    • Ideal farm layout
    • Leasing farms & adding subcontractors

    More details below!

    Learn the practical details behind the day-to-day running of Polyface Farm.

    Learn More

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  • The Sheer Ecstasy of Being a Lunatic Farmer

    Drawing on 50 years of being a “lunatic” farmer, Joel Salatin has plenty of reflective and humorous stories to tell about his beloved Polyface Farm and in defense of a more localized, diversified food system — ammunition to combat conventional farming naysayers. Learn More

  • You Can Farm

    Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm wisely and honestly shares the qualities necessary to embark on a farming career and offers inspiration. For farm entrepreneurs, the opportunities for a farm family business have never been greater. Learn More

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