The Acres U.S.A. events team has finalized the lineup of expert speakers and insightful sessions in Louisville, Dec. 4-7, 2018.

Check out some highlights from the program we have planned:

Don Huber

Critical Update & Discussion on the Story of GMOs
Dr. Don Huber

Dr. Don Huber is an internationally recognized expert, whose agricultural research for the past 50 years has focused on the epidemiology and control of soilborne plant pathogens with an emphasis on microbial ecology. He will address the new science further condemning the use of a dangerous, but ubiquitous, herbicide and the genetically modified crops that have quintupled its use.

Vail Dixon

So you want to be Organic AND No-Till?
Vail Dixon

Despite its popularity as a weed management tool, tillage can destroy soil tilth, structure and beneficial microbes, which can exacerbate other growing challenges. Bring home strategies for transitioning into organic no-till, or how to improve your results if you’re already using those methods. Unravel the sequence of choices that will bring you the most bang for your buck and the quickest results.


Regenerating Resilient Soils Through Soil Biology 
Dr. Kris Nichols

Learn how to take a systems approach to regenerate soils through soil biology, increasing resilience and profitability. Dr. Nichols will also discuss integrating dynamic principles to synergize biologically based practices to address fertility, pest and disease issues, with the aim of increasing nutritive quality in grains, produce, meat and dairy.

Brendon Rockey

Biotic Farming Fundamentals: Comprehending the Carbon Cycle to Support a Healthy Farm System
Brendon Rockey

Third-generation farmer Brendon Rockey will explain how past destructive farming practices and drought were catalysts for adopting his biotic farming methods. The Rockey Farms journey includes the development of a systematic approach founded on carbon cycling and water efficiency, and demonstrates how synthetic inputs and the absence of life break down soil resiliency.


Check out the whole agenda and remember to register. The Eco-Ag U workshops are filling up fast!