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The Essential Oil Maker’s Handbook

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Bettina Malle and Helge Schmickl

The authors provide guidance on the harvesting, processing, and use of 130 indigenous and exotic plants as well as the necessary equipment for oil extraction. Including about 40 base recipes for personal care products — from bathing additives to facial and body care to perfume — this book provides a solid foundation for beginners and professionals.

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Essential oils are more in demand now than ever, but modern production methods and unscrupulous labeling practices make it difficult for consumers to know whether an oil is genuine or artificial. Healers utilizing these age-old materials now have the guidance needed to make their own essential oils and thereby be certain of integrity and efficacy. Producing essential oils and hydrosols in small quantities is easier than imagined with the guidance of Austrian master distillers Helge Schmickl and Bettina Malle. Translated from its original German, The Essential Oil Maker’s Handbook has been revised and updated to include information on hydrosols, the aromatic water once considered a mere by-product but now recognized as a valuable substance in itself.

Copyright 2015, hardcover, 156 pages


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