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The Naturopathic Way

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Christopher Vasey, N.D.
A comprehensive set of naturopathic tools to help restore optimum health.
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Illness is the direct result of the way we live – what we eat and drink. This book uses the basic principles of naturopathy and focuses on treatments that remove the toxic causes of illness, not suppressing the symptoms. Vasey believes that the greatest part of achieving health is in our own hands. This book shows that all diseases stem from an unbalanced or dysfunctional biological terrain when toxins build up in cells or the body is lacking in vitamins or minerals. The Naturopathic Way shows how to remove these toxins from the body using diets, fasts and detoxifying cleanses. Also described is how to have an appropriate acid-alkaline balance --key to a healthy lifestyle that maintains peak energy.
Copyright 2009, softcover, 144 pages.