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Transitioning to Regenerative

This month, we’re thinking a lot about the process of transitioning from conventional to regenerative agriculture and improving regenerative practices. We all know it’s not an easy flip of the switch, but a years-long process of effort, dedication and learning.

Here is a list of resources for learning about that transition to regenerative agriculture, no matter if you’re just beginning to shift your operation, are already in the process, or looking to optimize your soil health even further.

Read Free Articles

Our website is a free resource for all kinds of in-depth articles, interviews and how-to’s on regenerative agriculture. Here are a few transition-specific articles to get started:

Best Books on Transitioning Tactics

You can’t go wrong with any book on soil health, but here are a few choice titles from the Acres U.S.A. Bookstore to get you into the regenerative agriculture mindset:

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Read the December 2023 Issue

Our December 2023 Issue focuses on the theme of transitioning to Eco-Ag. It has already arrived in subscriber mailboxes, and is also available for individual purchase at our bookstore in both physical and digital formats.

  • Faring the Dry Spring of 2023 by Gary Zimmer
  • From Remedy to Problem by Dani Kusner & Dr. Nasha Winters
  • The Climate Beneath Our Feet by Rob Lewis
  • And More!

Online Learning

Advance at your own pace with an expert farmers as your instructor. Our courses at Eco-Ag U Online are curated for farmers, growers and ranchers interested in improving their yields and soil health. Check out the full roster of courses here, or get started with one of these: