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Turn Over Some Savings With Our Composting Sale!

This weekend only, save 15% off on our Composting Collection, and find the books you need to turn your operation into a food-soil loop success story. Here you’ll find just a few of the titles we have on sale right now.

The Organic Method Primer

The Organic Method Primer covers it all, with chapters on: soil and soil conditioning, fertilizing, composting, cover crops, weeds, mulch, planting and transplanting, seeds diseases, harvesting and storage, equipment, even marketing! Well illustrated with photographs, charts and diagrams, this book will form a cornerstone of any serious agricultural library.

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Community-Scale Composting Systems

This movement is coming of age, propelled by a growing awareness not only of our food waste crisis, but also the need to restore natural fertility in our soils. In-depth yet accessible, Community-Scale Composting Systems is a technical resource for farmers, designers, service providers, organics recycling entrepreneurs, and advocates of all types, with a focus on developing the next generation of organics recycling infrastructure that can enable communities to close the food-soil loop in their local food systems.

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Compost Revolution

Composting has long been the backbone of a more nature-friendly, healthy form of gardening and farming. Compost Revolution brings a true revolution of thought to this vital subject. Worm composting is a superb alternative to traditional composting methods, which generally suffer from high-energy losses. Working in harmony with the below-surface army of microorganisms, the lowly earthworm is now known to be the true hero in the underground, a soil builder par excellence, not only in nature, but also in garden- and farm-scale composting systems.

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The Secret Life of Compost

We don’t need to poison the earth in order to grow better food, and what is harmful to the environment when improperly disposed of often can be turned back to the soil in a beneficial way through composting — if you know how. The Secret Life of Compost tells you how.

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