We’re very excited to celebrate a recent milestone for our beloved Tractor Time podcast – 100,00 downloads! Thank you all so much for listening. We’ve enjoyed bringing you the voices of some of the top leaders in eco-farming across the world. And it’s only going to keep getting better! Stay tuned to Tractor Time podcast each month as we continue to interview the people on the front lines of sustainable, regenerative agriculture.

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Top 5 Most Downloaded Episodes of All Time

  1. Tractor Time Episode 37: Dr. Zach Bush on Farming, Glyphosate and Human Health
  2. Tractor Time Episode 18: Charles Walters, Then, Today and Tomorrow (from 2006)
  3. Tractor Time Episode 29: Glen Rabenberg, Soil Expert
  4. Tractor Time Episode 30: Carey Gillam, Environmental Journalist, Author
  5. Tractor Time Episode 25: Fred Provenza, Author & Animal Behavior Expert

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