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Save the date for Acres U.S.A. Eco-Agriculture 2017
Dec. 5-8 in Columbus, Ohio.

Now, in it’s 42nd year, Acres U.S.A.’s 2017 Eco-Agriculture Conference will feature three days of expert educational sessions and workshops on sustainable and organic agriculture, a dynamic trade show, and many more opportunities to learn and engage with others passionate about ecological agriculture.
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Pictured above, Acres U.S.A. Conference Tradeshow in Columbus, Ohio.

Eco-Agriculture 2017 will feature:
• 1400+ attendees
• 100+ exhibitors
• 5 all day pre-conference intensive workshops to choose from
• Three days of expert learning sessions
• Educational movie screenings
• Consulting hours that connect you with the customized answers you need
• The opportunity to meet and learn from your peers and experts that share your passion for sustainable and organic agriculture

Last year’s Eco-Agriculture Conference in Omaha was a great success – take a look at some of what you missed:

The Art & Science of Modern Eco-Ag

5 Key Messages from the 2016 Acres U.S.A. Conference

The Acres U.S.A. Conference & Trade Show is one of the premiere events nationwide for commercial scale sustainable and organic agriculture, bringing together the world’s leading farmers, consultants, scientists and activists. Skillfully navigating diverse topics ranging from water management, GMOs, soil fertility and carbon sequestration to pastured livestock, biological weed control, human health and natural beekeeping, the 2016 Acres U.S.A. Conference in Omaha, Nebraska, provided an invaluable learning and networking opportunity for more than 1,200 attendees from across the United States and many countries, including Guam, Mexico, Germany, Japan, Canada, Brazil, New Zealand and more.
Click here to read more, featured in the Acres U.S.A. February 2017 issue.

What previous attendees say . . .

“Thank you all for the education you are presenting in your work. There is no other such source!”
N.B., Jordan, Arkansas

“The Acres U.S.A. annual conference is something special, a gemstone. You carry the exhilarating memories the rest of your life.”
R.H., Twello, Holland

“The one on one was very educational and interesting. Hearing from other farmers was beneficial.”
K.J., Yakima, Washington

“Enjoyed the conference for the educational and social aspects. Excellent choices for speakers — this gives real choices for each time slot.”
R.H., Bangor, PA

“Great learning experience. It definitely helped energize us.”
A.K., Lakewood, Ohio

“I feel energized and inspired for spring to come . . . felt a strong sense of kinship amongst like-minded farmers. Loved it!”
M.K., Alberta, Canada

“I really enjoyed this conference, learned a lot, and hope to attend many more.”
L.C., Adrian, Michigan

“We’ll be back next year wherever you hold it.”
D.M., West Salem, Ohio

“The Acres U.S.A. conference has been a huge influence on my outlook in farming.”
D.S., Orrville, Ohio

“The highlight of the pre-conference study was participating in impromptu questioning of the speakers.”
J.R., Oscar, Louisiana

“Excellent pre-conference workshops with plenty of opportunity for questions.”
E.W., Twisp, Washington

Missed the 2016 Acres U.S.A. Conference in Omaha? Consider spending some of your tractor time with the session recordings ─ the next best thing to being there.