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The 2019 Intensive Discovery Seminar with Polyface Farm

Change your life in two days! Returning for the third year in a row, Polyface Farm’s Intensive Discovery Seminar led by Joel Salatin teaches proven methods of successful, sustainable farming ... all in beautiful Swoope, Virginia.

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Acres U.S.A. Announcements

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Announcing the Healthy Soil Summit in California this summer!

Join us August 21-22, 2019, for a day and a half of intensive learning, networking and an optional half-day tour! Learn practical strategies from high-caliber speakers and more!

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Are You the Next Great Editor of Acres U.S.A. Magazine?

If you’re up to speed on innovations taking place in modern ecological agriculture, aware of the shortfalls of industrial- and chemical-based systems, and interested in sharing the story of how innovative farmers are finding prosperity while growing healthy food, you could be our next managing editor. 
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Read About Farm Management in the 2019 February issue of Acres U.S.A. Magazine

This issue is loaded with articles designed to help you grow your farm, plus an interview with researcher and teacher Eric Holt-Giménez. See what else is inside!

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Founded in 1971, our books, audio lectures and videos have helped thousands of farmers build healthy soil and successful farms.

Restoration Agriculture

Mark Shepard


Weeds - Control Without Poisons

Charles Walters


Advancing Biological Farming

Gary F Zimmer & Leilani Zimmer-Durand


Hands-On Agronomy

Neal Kinsey & Charles Walters

$29.99 $35.00

The Myths of Safe Pesticides

André Leu


Albrecht's Soil Fertility & Animal Health, Vol. II

William A. Albrecht


The Salatin Semester DVD/Book set

Joel Salatin


The Farm as Ecosystem

Jerry Brunetti


Science In Agriculture

Arden B. Andersen


Organic No-Till Farming

Jeff Moyer

$23.50 $28.00

Secrets of Fertile Soils

Erhard Hennig


Tuning in to Nature

Philip S. Callahan


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Announced for 2019: Join the team at Polyface Farms in Swoope, Virginia, for life-changing, instructional sessions on sustainable farming, with Joel Salatin. 

The  Healthy Soil Summit, August 21-22, 2019 will gather growers for intensive learning on strategies to create over-all farm resilience, starting from the soil up.

Stay tuned for announcements about the 2019 Acres U.S.A. Eco-Ag Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


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