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AcresUSA is North America’s oldest publisher on production-scale organic and regenerative farming. For more than 50 years, our mission has been to help farmers, ranchers and market gardeners grow food profitably, sustainably, and without harmful chemicals.

What We Do

Dan Kittredge presenting at Eco-Ag Conference


AcresUSA events aren’t like any other. At each one you’ll find in-depth, practical content; expert speakers who are real farmers & ranchers; invaluable networking and community connection opportunities; 50+ years of experience teaching about soil health; and more!


We educate and empower farmers and ranchers on the principles and practices of economical, ecological agriculture. AcresUSA offers a variety of ways to learn that match all styles, from in-person events to online courses and webinars, as well as books, our monthly magazine, and free online articles, to name a few.


We connect individuals eager to learn about regenerative farming practices, principles and challenges. Successful farming isn’t done in a vacuum – we understand that it takes a village, and lots of support, to take on this challenging and essential job. Find the resources and connections to you need to improve your operation today.

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2023 Eco-Ag Conference & Trade Show

Every year, the Eco-Ag Conference & Trade Show sets a new standard for innovative and practical learning in modern agriculture. Each moment of programming is thoughtfully curated to provide useful, practical and measurable information and connections that you can apply to your operation. Join us for the main conference and trade show on Dec. 6-7 or decide to come early for one of our incredible full-day Eco-Ag U intensive workshops Dec. 4-5… either way you can expect a fulfilling experience that will include: 

1. Exceptional learning from leading farmers, agronomists, and others who are pioneering a new way to farm ecologically and economically. 

2. Engagement with innovative companies building tools and services to help you surpass your goals.

3. Connecting with your peers who are also seeking to chart a new path forward for their operations and with experienced growers and agronomists who have valuable lessons learned and are ready to share. 

But don’t just listen to us, here’s what past attendees have said!

What's New?

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November 2023

Our November 2023 issue focuses on new technologies and equipment that are transforming organic and regenerative agriculture: 

  • Groundbreaking Ways to Break Less Ground BY LORAN STEINLAGE
  • Technologies We’re Watching BY ACRESA U.S.A. STAFF
  • … and more!

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I regard Acres U.S.A. as the most valuable farming magazine in the world. It is always at the cutting edge of agricultural systems with technical information that you will not find in other publications. Very importantly for me are the real world examples from farmers and the various systems that they use. Applying this information has made a great difference to the productivity of my farm. I have been subscribing to Acres for around 20 years and look forward to receiving my copy every month. ”
Andre Leu
André Leu, Farmer, Author, Regeneration International
“Acres U.S.A. has always been an island of strength and stability amidst raging waters. If you think back to the beginnings of chemical agriculture in the 1850s it was nearly a century before that method truly stormed the world. What Rudolf Steiner initiated in response to chemical agriculture in 1924 is similarly slow in emerging as a truly scientific method, but it is emerging and may very well “go viral” in a similar time frame. If it does so it will be because of such efforts as Acres U.S.A., and it won’t be driven by huge chemical conglomerates, it will be driven by grassroots farmers.”
roots in soil
Hugh Lovel, Consultant, Speaker, Author
“Acres U.S.A. is the world’s leading forum for ecological food and agriculture. This magazine is not afraid to print the unspeakable and dares to challenge the most entrenched paradigms of conventional scientific thought. A true masterpiece.”
roots in soil
Joel Salatin, Polyface Farms, Farmer, Author, speaker