Growing Fruit with a Smile

Nikolay Kurdyumov

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Ever thought it possible to get twenty tons of apples from your backyard, or to grow grapes in Manitoba? This book shows you how! You?ll learn how to: Start an orchard from scratch for free with your own planting stock, prune with confidence -- and discover tricks that make pruning unnecessary, graft like a pro and train trees into any shape for beauty and bumper crops, hoodwink pests and understand what trees want from you -- and what you really want from them, and heaps more. A jaw-dropping read for both experienced fruit growers and backyard gardeners planting their first tree. Richly illustrated and packed with amazing information that is practical, thorough, and fun!

Copyright 2000, 2012, softcover, 532 pages.

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Humusphere: A New Book Release from Acres U.S.A.

In this breakthrough work — now available in English for the first time — the independent German-Norwegian explorer of soil life, graduate permaculture designer and graduate engineer Herwig Pommeresche shares his lifetime of research into humus.

#7488 • Copyright 2018 • Softcover • 264 pages