The Complete Guide to Saving Seeds

Robert Gough & Cheryl Moore-Gough

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Small Farm

Concise and comprehensive, this book shows how to collect, save and cultivate seeds from over 300 vegetables, herbs, flowers, fruits, trees and shrubs. Saving seeds improves the health and productivity of your garden season after season as well as saves money, preserves rare heirloom varieties and plant diversity, and allows gardeners to be more self-sufficient and independent of commercial seed companies. But the primary benefit for gardeners is to improve their gardens every year by selecting seeds from plants with the most desirable traits – flavor, color, vigor, scent – and to maintain the genetic adaptations plants have made to their specific environments.

Copyright 2011, softcover, 311 pages.

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Humusphere: A New Book Release from Acres U.S.A.

In this breakthrough work — now available in English for the first time — the independent German-Norwegian explorer of soil life, graduate permaculture designer and graduate engineer Herwig Pommeresche shares his lifetime of research into humus.

#7488 • Copyright 2018 • Softcover • 264 pages