Letter to a Young Farmer

Gene Logsdon

Modern Classic

Gene Logsdon is the best kind of teacher: equal parts storyteller, idealist and rabble-rouser. In his final book of essays, the self-described "contrary farmer" addresses the next generation of small-scale "garden farmers" seeking a better way of life. With his trademark with and irreverent humor, Logsdon reminds us that small-scale farming isn't defined by accumulating wealth but by recognizing nature's beauty, cherishing the land, respecting our fellow creatures, and valuing rural traditions.

Logsdon's vision of a nation filled with garden farmers will resonate with both the young and old, farmer and non-farmer, as it encourages anyone who longs to create a more sustainable, meaningful life for themselves and a better world for all of us.

Copyright 2017, hardcover, 232 pages

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