Mycorrhizal Planet

Michael Phillips

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Mycorrhizae are defined as fungi that grow in association with the roots of a plant in a symbiotic relationship. They manage the "underground economy," making nutrients available to plant roots, facilitating communication between plants, and even protecting plants against diseases and pest pressures. What's more, they sequester carbon in the soil in much more meaningful ways than any "carbon offsets" humans could ever devise, which means focusing on the health and well-being of these microscopic soil fungi is a crucial climate change solution.

In Mycorrhizal Planet, Phillips explores the complex science of the world beneath our feet in layman's terms - offering insight into how to make lants and their fungal partners prosper. Beyond growers, this book will resonate with anyone who is fascinated with the unseen workings of nature and concerned about maintaining and restoring the health of our soils, our climate, and the quality of like on Earth for generations to come.

Copyright 2017, hardcover, 256 pages

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